Exceptional Energy Efficiency / IFT Rosenheim

rosenheimSiccóna’s double-faced structural system offers excellent heat transfer coefficients (U-values) and is also classed in the highest ranking categories established by EU directive EN 14351-1 with regard to other criteria (such as watertight protection, protection against wind penetration, wind load, etc.).

The system (with actual dimensions of 1.00 x 2.20m with Argon gas) has passed all the necessary tests prescribed by the European directive at the most stringent European standard test center, IFT Rosenheim, where it demonstrated excellent performance in all tested parameters.

Siccóna double and triple glazed opening systems have two 24mm polyamide layers, Ug = 1.3 and 0.6 respectively, and a Uw value of 1.82W/m²K for double glazing systems and 2x1.26 W/m²K for triple glazing systems(dimensions 1.00 x 2.20m).

The sliding system double and triple glazing has two 19mm flush polyamide layers.

We emphasize that for openings larger than 1.00 x 2.20m the Siccόna system Uw values will be even lower.


Siccona Series

Uw  value*

Ug  value*

Uf  value*

Siccóna S 300

1.82 W/m²K



Siccóna S 500

1.26 W/m²K



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